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Claudiu Papasteri


To learn more about Quarto presentations see https://quarto.org/docs/presentations/. See example presentation and source code for the qmd.


Embedding video fails when using embed-resources: true(fixed in Quarto 1.3, but the e-quarto-slide.qmd is built under version 1.2). But it works with iframe and data-external="1".

Quarto Extensions - FA icons & QR

Install the following extensions (in _extensions folder, on Win 11 path is C:\Users\username\Documents\_extensions):

  • https://github.com/quarto-ext/fontawesome

    • quarto install extension quarto-ext/fontawesome
  • https://github.com/jmbuhr/quarto-qrcode

    • quarto install extension jmbuhr/quarto-qrcode

Then if you want to use them within a project, you need to add them:

  • quarto add quarto-ext/fontawesome

  • quarto add jmbuhr/quarto-qrcode.

Fitting very long text

Quarto supports a variety of formats for creating presentations, including:

  • revealjs — reveal.js (HTML)

  • pptx — PowerPoint (MS Office)

  • beamer — Beamer (LaTeX/PDF)

There are pros and cons to each of these formats. The most capable format by far is revealjs so is highly recommended unless you have specific requirements for Office or LaTeX output. Note that revealjs presentations can be presented as HTML slides or can be printed to PDF for easier distribution.


Fragment Classes for revealjs

Here are all of the available fragment classes:

Name Effect
fade-out Start visible, fade out
fade-up Slide up while fading in
fade-down Slide down while fading in
fade-left Slide left while fading in
fade-right Slide right while fading in
fade-in-then-out Fades in, then out on the next step
fade-in-then-semi-out Fades in, then to 50% on the next step
grow Scale up
semi-fade-out Fade out to 50%
shrink Scale down
strike Strike through
highlight-red Turn text red
highlight-green Turn text green
highlight-blue Turn text blue
highlight-current-red Turn text red, then back to original on next step
highlight-current-green Turn text green, then back to original on next step
highlight-current-blue Turn text blue, then back to original on next step

Use FA icons & QR Extensions

Download files:
 Pdf file
 Word file

Bullets & Incremental lists

When you click the Render button a document will be generated that includes:

  • Content authored with markdown
  • Output from executable code
  • Incremental 1
  • Incremental 2

Code Line Highlighting

When you click the Render button a presentation will be generated that includes both content and the output of embedded code. You can embed code like this:

penguins <- tidyr::drop_na(palmerpenguins::penguins)
plt <- ggbetweenstats(data = penguins, x = species, y = bill_length_mm) + 
  labs(x = "Penguins Species", y = "Bill Length", 
       title = "Distrib. of bill length across species") + 
    text = element_text(family = "Lato", size = 8, color = "black"),
    plot.title = element_text(family = "Lato", size = 20, face = "bold", color = "#2a475e"),
    plot.subtitle = element_text(family = "Lato", size = 15, face = "bold", color="#1b2838"),
    plot.title.position = "plot", 
    axis.text = element_text(size = 10, color = "black"),
    axis.title = element_text(size = 12)



Fade in > Turn red > Semi fade out

Images and animations


Images and animations

Callout notes


Note that there are five types of callouts, including: note, warning, important, tip, and caution.

Tip With Caption

This is an example of a callout with a caption.

Expand To Learn About Collapse

This is an example of a ‘folded’ caution callout that can be expanded by the user. You can use collapse="true" to collapse it by default or collapse="false" to make a collapsible callout that is expanded by default.

Interactive - Plotly

Interactive - d3scatter

click to expand code
# if(!require(d3scatter)){devtools::install_github("jcheng5/d3scatter")}; library(d3scatter)

shared_mtcars <- crosstalk::SharedData$new(mtcars)

crosstalk::bscols(widths = c(3, NA, NA),
    filter_checkbox("cyl", "Cylinders", shared_mtcars, ~cyl, inline = TRUE),
    filter_slider("hp", "Horsepower", shared_mtcars, ~hp, width = "100%"),
    filter_select("auto", "Automatic", shared_mtcars, ~ifelse(am == 0, "Yes", "No"))
  d3scatter::d3scatter(shared_mtcars, ~wt, ~mpg, ~factor(cyl), width = "100%", height = 250),
  d3scatter::d3scatter(shared_mtcars, ~hp, ~qsec, ~factor(cyl), width = "100%", height = 250)